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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Presenting at the Future Facilities June Webinar Series - BEWARE When Cooling Best Practices Fail !!!

On June 25th, I will be presenting in detail the topic of my previous Blog Post: Honey, I Positively Pressurized the Hot Aisle! during a WebEx presentation that is hosted by Future Facilities, the makers of the leading CFD software 6Sigma.

I will cover additional topics that I did not discuss in the blog:

  • Dangers of relying solely on "common sense" for design and installation
  • Basics of venting & basics of containment
  • Walking through the problem using CFD modeling
  • Walking through the remedies using CFD modeling
  • Lessons learned

To register, click on this LINK.

Below is an excerpt from the announcement and I look forward to this event!

In our ongoing series of education webinars, we have delved into various uses for predictive analysis for design and assessment applications. The message is no different when considering today's best practices for cooling. For this series of webinars, we will demonstrate through both hypothetical and real customer cases that any change to the data center whether planned or unplanned can have unforeseen and potentially detrimental consequences to your cooling performance, and how airflow modeling techniques can provide viable solutions.

Ramzi Namek and Eric Fournier, from Total Site Solutions will present an actual customer situation they were called in to assess: a partially contained Hot Aisle was seemingly causing hot air to appear at the front of the Racks, a problem that had not been there before! The Total Site Solutions team used the 6SigmaRoom software to study the cause of this localized hot spot. Future Facilities and Total Site solution will dissect the issue using 6Sigma software and pose some solutions. The material will come from a posting from Ramzi's blog "Data Centers, Unclouded " Please join us for this presentation, which will also be opened for attendee discussion at the end.

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