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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Saudi Arabia Leads in the Number of Colo Data Centers in the Middle East

The website Data Center Map has some interesting stats regarding worldwide colo sites. The one that caught my attention is regarding the distribution of data centers throughout the Middle East excluding Turkey. 

Very impressive results from Saudi Arabia; they quietly lead other neighboring countries in the number of colo sites. This is surprising considering that most of the data center "MEA" mainstream headlines come out of the Emirates and Qatar but it shows that they lag behind Saudi Arabia. 

Data Center Maps' first page has the following quote:

About Data Center Map

Data Center Map acts as a link between potential customers and suppliers of DC services worldwide, such as colocation, dedicated servers, cloud servers, managed hosting, IP transit and many other hosting services. Apart from that our comprehensive database also covers other relevant aspects of the industry, such as internet exchange points, presence of fiber providers, details about network carriers and other details that can be relevant when looking for colocation.

I don't how accurate and how frequent the stats are updated, but the map does show locations and quantities as one zooms in and out and the data is quite helpful for clients and users. 

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