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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Search Interest Results for "Modular Data Centers"

One can check the Search Interest on anything using Google Trends. (see the yellow comments box, which explains how they statistically graph the trend). But in simple terms, type up any keyword and the graph will accumulate all the online searches by other folks over the time frame.  It even tells you the countries where the searches had the most hits. 

One statistic I am interested to follow up on is Modular Data Centers

The graph above shows how the interest in MDC's shot up in 2009 and peaked around 2011. Does this chart offer any crystal ball predictions? Certainly not. Take it for what it is: just another tidbit in data mining that's worth looking at.  What's interesting is the renewed interest in MDC's since the beginning of 2013; not at the same levels as 2011, but getting there! 

Are you bored? For a more exciting chart, try the keyword BANK RUNS aka Financial Panic!

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  1. I think economics will drive the next generation of modular solutions, like this liquid cooled modular solution for a certain company in Texas, among others, like perhaps Google's barge / Makani powered whatchamacallit.


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