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Friday, December 4, 2015

NVTC Data Center Committee Meeting Highlights

Always exciting to attend the NVTC Data Center & Cloud Committee meetings; this morning the speakers were Buddy Rizer and Dr. A. Fletcher Mangum. 

Some of the highlights from the meeting: 

- Data Center Market looks healthy for continued growth through 2020
- As other states catch up, they are giving lucrative incentives for data centers. We have to realize the competitive environment where Northern Virginia (NOVA) is no longer the "only" option 
- NOVA surpassed NY/NJ region as largest data center market in the U.S. 
- Five of the top cloud campuses are in NOVA -and particularly in Loudoun and Prince William Counties.  

- Loudoun County offers great incentives from utility rates (Dominion Power), reclaim water, time to market, workforce, etc.  
- Maintaining the Sales Tax Incentive is crucial as other states are directly competing in that front.
- Average wage growth for the data center sector is very healthy and surpasses other industry sectors. 

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