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Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year! Looking Forward to 2014!

What a great year it has been since I kicked off this Blog on January 14, 2013. I am formost very thankful to my reader audience for adding ideas, opinions, and discussions.  I'm sharing some statistics on geographical Pageviews and most read posts.

Interesting to note that Russian readers came second after US readers.  It seems that the data center industry is growing at a healthy pace in Russia. I have been to Moscow several times consulting on a data center project and I loved it! Maybe 2014 will renew the chance to do more consulting work in Russia.

The second stat I included is the blog post hits. It seemed that many folks found the "Honey I Pressurized..." CFD blogpost to be very beneficial. The "Hurt Factor" post is actually MY favorite one as I really enjoyed putting it together.

So, Adieu 2013, it's been a wonderful ride! Very thankful to the readers who emailed indicating that they have found the material on this blog to be of great added value to their daily work. 

I have some great ideas for next year and as well as redesigning the blog website theme and layout.

Happy New Year to all!! 

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