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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Internet Traffic Drops 4% Below Normal As Beyonce Mesmerizes The Superbowl's Half Time Show on TV

I made it a point to watch internet traffic  before and during the game using Akamai's real time web monitor.  Here's a snapshot taken at 8:17 right around the beginning of the half time. it shows traffic 5% above normal mainly in the North East and California regions.

Here's a snap shot taken right towards the end of her show. showing a 4% drop below normal. So in 14 minutes, internet traffic took a 9% slump! I would say many people had their eyes on TV rather than Netflix! 

Here's another snapshot around 9:00 PM showing traffic up to 0% at Normal.

And finally......the million dollar question: Did Beyonce cause the outage at the Stadium?!! 

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