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Monday, January 14, 2013

The First Post.....Themes, Objectives, & More to Come!

Happy New Year,
and welcome to the first posting!

This is an educational blog primarily focused on Data Center Infrastructure Systems:  Space, Power, and Cooling.   This is my platform to spread ideas, analyze the market,  and watch trends in one of the most exciting fields combining engineering and IT.  There are many smart people working together to comprehend the growing numbers of data centers and reign in cost, reliability, and schedule issues.  Broadly speaking, there are several themes that I believe are playing out in our industry:

1. The “fast cloud” market is demanding scalable, standardized data centers at ever -squeezed schedules of delivery.  This was the driver behind IT companies conceiving the idea of the “modular / containerized / standardized” data center that is currently spreading like wild fire.

2. Infrastructure is a high capital cost investment. It is competing for fewer dollars handed out by skeptic lenders in a difficult financial environment.  Until another economic cycle prevails, positioning the best dollars for the best infrastructure is key to justifying positive cash flow for any data center.  

3. There is wide interest in “Green” high efficiency design; it is a genuine, generational thought shift and is triggering innovation in all spectrums of infrastructure.  If you want further proof, just attend a symposium for The or DataCenterDynamics and feel the energy level of the attendees. 

So in summary, there's a lot of topics to cover and a lot of topics to UnCloud! I look forward to many more blogs and more feedback and comments from You, the reader! 

Ramzi Namek

Columbia, Maryland

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